Looking for my Future Job



Association “Sentire” with transnational partners from Italy, Cypru and Greece announced the closure of project activities “Looking for my future job”. The project was financed by funds provided by the European Union through the programme “Erasmus+” Key Action 1: The mobility of people for educational purposes – Draft mobility for young people and youth workers.

They participated for 9 days in various activities undertaken by non-formal education methods, which aimed to raise the skils to get a job and how to prepare for active life. Duration of the youth exchange mobility was between 24.09.2018 – 01.10.2018. The activities of this youth exchange took place in Horezu, Romania, where participants had an environment for networking and teamwork in order to implement certain activities in the field of nondiscrimination, develop the cultural skills, increase self-confidence.

Specific objectives of this project included:
1. All the participants from the project are able to use at least 3 country-specific job search patterns correctly and have understood how they can relate their skills to the profile sought by the employer.

  2. All the participants from the project have made a resume one Eurpass CV and a letter of intent, documents that they have used them in search of different jobs.

3. All mobility participants have understood the steps they have to follow to prepare for an interview and improve their communication skills during the interview.

4. At least 80% of the participants applied to at least 20 jobs, 70% were interviewed and more than 50% had a current job at the moment.Non-formal education methods used:

– Game names

– Team buiding games

– Workshops and energizers

– Roll play

– Trainings

– Interview

– YouthPass sessions

– Evaluations & reflection sessions

For further information please contact us at the following contact details:

E-mail: sentire_for_youth@yahoo.com