Stay alivE+ Erasmus + project

For the purposes of this YE, we’ve identified the needs of the organisational community and of the participants, as follows:
1. Community needs:
– ten young people from Slatina will learn howo to provide first aid, given that only 8% of the young population knows how to;
– ten young people from Slatina will acquire key competences from the YE nonformal education methods
2. Organisation needs:
– 20 young people from low-opportunity environments will feel integrated in the society through the YE
– five NGOs will gain logistic development, by gaining well-prepared young members
and their YE sustainability
3. Participant needs:
– 46 young people will become familiar with first-aid procedures (the EU average is of only 14%)
– increased self-confidence in providing first aid (the EU average is of only 19%)
– 46 young participants will learn how to use a first-aid kit (the EU average is of only 24%)

The first aid Guide

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This is a 6 page guide.

Materials for the project :





Promo materials:

The profile of the young participants:
– Age 18 to 30
– Motivated to learn through nonformal methods
– Eager to learn to provide first aid in case of emergencies
– Motivated to learn what to do when there is an accident which causes injury and how to provide first aid
– Eager to contribute to the creation of the First Aid Procedure Guide
– Minimal knowledge of E nglish

We have made an online petition :

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O 1: At the end of the YE, the 46 young people involved will improve their accident intervention skills. This will be accomplished through nonformal education: Public Café, Acting, Debate, Forum Theatre, sessions with Dr Suhanea Roxana  and writing out a small “First-Aid Procedure Guide” during the nine days of activities

O 2: At the end of the YE, t he 46 young people will gain new key com petences. This will be accomplished through non formal education: Public Café,  meetings for working on the Guide,  Living Library, acting and games through out the nine days of activities.

O 3: At the end of the YE,  the 20 low-opportunity youg people (involved in the project will feel socially integrated, gain confidence, and acquire key com petences which will help them in  their active life. This will be accomplis hed through act ing, presenting their situation in the local  communities, games and dialogue between the young p articipants during the nine day s of activities.

O 4: At the end of the YE, each of the organizations involved will have  nine young people w ho  can beco me youth workers and who know how  to act in an emergency situation.  Basically, after these nine  days of activities,   the organizational capacity of the f ive partners will increase,   thanks to the sessions with Dr Suhanea Roxana   Public Café, Debate, Forum Theatre, writing the Guide, and the Living   Library.

We have made an Webinar :

Our video for the project

A. The impact to the local  level
-10 youth will be invlolved in the youth exchange, and they will leran first aid mesures by nonformal education- after this Sentire will keep this youth in NGO and will make them  proactive  youth
– 4 youth form 10 with few opportunities are roma
– 20 youth form H orezu will be involved in CQ – rich the awareness in the local community in City Quest
– The announcement who will be made in Gazeta Noua – min 100 youth will read id
– Impact of the petition promote by Sentire online on local community

B. At national level:
– Sentire will make an First aid Guide and will sent to min 50 yoth NGO and to ANPCDEFP by e-mail
– youth will can see the webminar online – min 70 on the national level
– min 100 votes the petition for entering first aid in the school activities
– the 10 youth from Sentire will be dissemination factor at national level

C. At European level:
– 44byouth from 5 diffrent countrys will gain by nonformal activities first aid measure
– min 30 youth from EU will see the activities and will grow the awarneas
– Sentire will post E+ dissenimantion platform all the matterials and to the SO