Power For Youth – Youth Exchange

This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. This publication reflects only the views of the author and the EU Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.




The Info pack : https://www.docdroid.net/SRZU2N4/info-pack-power-for-youth.pdf


About the project:

Through this project we aim the following
O1- Developing entrepreneurship skills for
42 youth participants between the ages of 18 and
30, from 5 partner countries for a 8 day activity
period. The objective will be achieved through the
non-formal education method, Public Café, theater
plays and other games on non-formal education.
O2 – Developing skills through non-formal
educationfor 42 youth participants from 5 partner
countries over a 8 day activity period. The objective
will be achieved through non-formal education
debates and other games.
O3 – Developing cultural and
linguistic skills for the 42 participants over a 8 day
activity period. This goal will be achieved through
the Living Library, intercultural exchange and
dialogue between the participants.
O4 – Supporting 15 youth with lower opportunities
from the 5 partner countries – 3 people from each
country, 3 youth roma people youths and 20 youth
with low opportunities in Horezu involved in the
project activities. They will develop their skills for 8
days of activities through various non-formal
methods of education, games and dialogue.
O5 – Developing the capacity of the 5 partner
organizations to manage the youth unemployment
problem in the rural areas where they work


Bulgaria – 8 participants
Italy – 8 participants
Spain – 8 participants
Turkey – 8 participants
Romania – 10 participants




The transport to the project can be made by
plane, train or bus. The arrival day is 20.03.2018
and the departure day is 28.03.2018. If you want
to spend more time in Romania, it is possible to
spend maximum 2 days before and after the
project and book the travel tickets accordingly.
• For those of you who will come by plane, you
will arrive in Bucharest at the Henri Coanda
Airport (OTP)
Use the buses 783 (for main square) and 780
(for train station) to go to the city center (you
have ticket vendors in the airport). As advice, do
not change too much money inside the airport
because the exchange rate is not good. You can
use the exchange offices or banks in the center
of Bucharest.
• For those of you who will be using other means
of transport (e.g. bus or train), please inform us
about your arrival in Bucharest so we can further
guide you, depending on your place of arrival.
The departure from Bucharest to Horezu (the
location of the project) will be made on 16 of
September in the evening from Pacii bus station
in Bucharest. You can use the metro to get there
(Pacii metro station). Depending of your arrival
hours to Bucharest, we will inform you about the
time of departure from Pacii bus station.
The location of the project, Horezu, is 219 km far
away from Bucharest. The transport from
Bucharest to Horezu will be made by bus, there
will be someone from our organization guiding
you for the travel.